Social Media House Rules and Privacy

Our company-pages on Social Media offer an official place where existing and future customers as well as other interested parties can take part of our products, news and the brand Komatsu Forest.  The pages are intended for discussing and sharing experiences and other things related to us and our products and services. To make it possible to keep these discussions interesting as well as relevant, and to maintain respect and friendliness on our pages, we have set some rules to ensure this.


House rules


  • Komatsu Forest is not responsible for, and does not represent, individual users or their content

  • Komatsu Forest could come to use information that individual users post on our page

  • Out of security reasons, Komatsu Forest reserves the right to correct or eliminate possible incorrect facts that may be a risk to operators and other people in close proximity of Komatsu Forest’s forest machines.

  • Out of brand protective reasons, Komatsu Forest reserves the right to remove possible fact errors about our products.

  • Since Komatsu Forest encourages a vivid and relevant dialogue, we reserve the rights to remove comments that Komatsu Forest consider inappropriate. 

Posts on Komatsu Forest Page cannot be; 
- Human rights violations
- Threats 
- Other crimes
- Spam
- Advertising

Individual users should understand and respect the general user terms of the platforms and policy for data protection that apply:





Privacy Notice
Komatsu Forest will process personal data that you provide us with by posting on our social media accounts, by sending a direct message or if you refer to us or our products and services.

The purpose of our processing is to communicate with you and respond to your requests or questions and to follow up the usage and adapt the content in our social media accounts. The legal basis for processing is that it is necessary for our legitimate interest to communicate with you and to follow up and evaluate our social media accounts.


If you wish to contact us regarding our processing of your personal data, you are welcome to do so by sending an e-mail to

For more information regarding your rights and how we process personal data, please see our Privacy Policy and Web and Cookie Policy.