Power up for a bright autumn!

20 % off on batteries and LED lighting

The offer applies to selected lighting and batteries during October 2019 or while stocks last.

Komatsu LED lighting
Good, natural lighting makes the job easier – and saves you from eye strain. This is why Komatsu’s LED lights offer powerful and reliable lighting with low energy consumption, an output of 56 W/4000 lumen and a comfortable colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin. These are lights specially designed to withstand knocks, moisture and salt, and they’re even fitted with heat sinks to keep things cool. They offer both horizontal and vertical adjustment and are available with tall or wide beams.
Komatsu original batteries
Specially developed for the demanding operating and working conditions of a forest machine. They have a highly favourable cycle life, meaning the ability to be repeatedly charged and discharged over a long period of time, making for a good power source and problem-free cold starts even when temperatures drop well below zero. What’s more, the batteries have an especially sturdy build to withstand the vibrations from driving in challenging terrain. 



Article number 


12V / 140AH / 800CCA 5223821 D04, E3, V3, 38kg
12V / 180AH / 1050CCA 5223823 D05, E4, V3, 49kg
12V / 110AH / 900CCA 5223825 D02, E2, V2, 30kg 

LED lighting


Lamp, upright, round 5239762 Wide beam
Lamp, upright 5282420 LED II Ultra Beam, long beam
Lamp, upright 5282421 LED II Ultra Beam, wide beam
Lamp, hanging 5282422 LED II Ultra Beam, wide beam